Typegate Xpress - a stand-alone basic CMS

Typegate Xpress is an easy-to-use, cost effective content management system within an imported Microsoft technology environment.

At its core, Typegate Xpress consists of the Typegate XML editor which has been enhanced with standard CMS functions such as navigation management, entitlement management, workflow stages. As in the basic tool, Typegate Xpress also provides editable pages in "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" mode and updates are also carried out in this view. A separate preview mode is not necessary. By creating a structured folder system it is possible to create and maintain multi-level navigation hierarchies and/or site structures.

Typegate Xpress saves the compiled content in a database in XML format. By the strict application of standard technologies (SQL, XML and XSLT) the connection to, and integration of, existing or future comprehensive content management systems is simple. For example in the case of a CMS change, you need only replace the layer below the editing components so that even when new features and functions appear in the background, editors retain their normal maintenance interface.

System requirements for Typegate Xpress:

  • Microsoft Windows Server System (Internet Information Server)
  • Microsoft SQL-Server (Minimum: Express-Version)
  • IE from Version 8.0 (for the editorial maintenance)