Typegate as the ideal enhancement for Microsoft SharePoint

QUERPLEX Typegate is best qualified for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010, for SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation as well.

The number of MS SharePoint installations as the main platform for Intranet, Extranet and Internet presence has increased considerably in the last years.  Often only a few editorially-updated content parts are used in the collaboration environment. However for publishing content there is always a need to be able to edit information content easily and present it in your official corporate layout. In addition, interested parties and users need to be able to apply their acquired experience of surfing web pages. The personalisation of content also plays a far more important role on the Intranet and Extranet.

SharePoint can only meet the need for corporate-compliant content update and presentation on a standard basis. Many online editors and content managers find it hard to use the standard SharePoint content editor because of its many unspecified options.

However Typegate for Microsoft SharePoint is an ideal an alternative with many advantages for the management of editorial content:

  • Typegate uses CMS features from SharePoint
    As an XML Editor, Typegate substitutes the platform's own HTML Editor. It uses many of its CMS functions, for example. Check-out and check-in options, workflows, entitlements, version management, timed publishing, etc.
  • Typegate uses the storage capacity of SharePoint
    Typegate stores all contents in XML format. The separate storage of data and the visualisation form makes global layout changes easier to perform. For instance you can apply a corporate style or perform a face lift without having to change the content data. This storage structure also supports data migrations.
  • Typegate easily preserves corporate identity and brand look & feel
    Typegate elements like page title, body text, bullet points and other text formatting entities are using the rendering pre-defined in templates. Using Typegate, content managers and editors are working directly into the layout of the page, with no need of preview their work and nor deep knowhow about style guides defined by the corporate identity. Using Typegate templates it’s easy to preserve corporate identity and brand style guides and assures that there will be no deviations while editing content. All this can’t be achieved using standard SharePoint content editor.
  • Typegate is easy to use for SharePoint-users
    A further argument for Typegate in SharePoint is the simple and intuitive way in which web-based information content can be created and maintained. All user elements are easy to see in familiar menu toolbars and interactive dialog elements. Presentation and update-friendliness of content in final Look&Feel eases editorial work and makes the additional preview mode superfluous.
  • Typegate supports the use of additional documents and media
    Special user dialogues support the upload, use and integration of additional documents and media in the context of editorial web-content maintenance. These are also based on existing SharePoint structures, e.g. its image and document folders, media data administration, version management etc.
  • Typegate offers flexible template functions
    Finally, Typegate offers substantially more flexible template functions than standard SharePoint. A range of pages for news, articles, distributor pages, form contents, etc., lets you create, populate and update even complex page content. Entitlement concepts set up in accordance with customer requirements control the access rights of editors and of web page visitors.