Questions and answers about Typegate

Are there different Types of Typegate?

Currently we are offering three different types of our product Typegate for creating and editing Content inside Intranet, Internet and Extranet.

  • Typegate with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 (2010 as well)
  • Typegate with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 (2010 as well)
  • Typegate Xpress as stand-alone Content Management System

What are the special benefits of Typegate?

In practical terms Typegate offers the following benefits for editorial content maintenance on the Intranet, Internet and Extranet:

  • The maintenance interface is browser-based and no additional software or special tools are needed.
  • The content is edited in WYSIWYG mode - no preview needed.
  • All data is saved in XML format. The separation of data and visualisation supports simple design changes and structured data Migration.
  • As a maintenance interface, Typegate allows close integration with other systems. This applies particularly for Microsoft SharePoint (Typegate as content editor), but also for current content management Systems.
  • All Typegate functions can be used intuitively. The training is kept within a reasonable time-scale and recognition is high even with occasional use.
  • If necessary, project-specific Typegate expansions can be implemented both at the element- and at the page template Level.

Can several editors work on the system at the same time?

Typegate has no limits in this regard. Depending on the underlying content management system and its licensing mode, however, the number of editors may be limited.

Can Workflow processes be backed by access Levels?

Typegate itself has no workflow process. In combination with other systems, e.g. SharePoint, it can adopt that system's workflow features incl. access levels. In the stand-alone CMS version, Typegate Xpress, a single-stage publication process is integrated along with user-rights management.

Can you control publication- and valid-until times?

Typegate usually adopts the process of publishing editorial content, including any time components, from the underlying CMS. SharePoint for example lets you set a time for publication of content pages and to set an expiry date for pages.

Does Typegate have its own user entitlement System?

Only Typegate Xpress has its own system for creating and managing user rights. Further features for access control can be developed and added for this version and also for Typegate itself. In connection with SharePoint, Typegate uses its "User and access rights" functions to set up roles and rights. It is always possible to draw on existing ActiveDirectory groups (AD).

Is link management included?

Typegate has an interactive dialogue for editors to define internal or external links. Typegate does not cross-check internal links. It leaves this task to the underlying CMS.

Can you use Typegate as a fully-functioning content management System?

Typegate itself is NOT designed as a fully-functioning CMS. Rather the functions of Typegate are aimed at providing an easy-to-use maintenance interface for the compilation and editing of editorial content on the Intranet, Internet and Extranet. The Typegate Xpress version however can be used as a basic CMS.

What happens next after choosing Typegate?

The standard version of the Typegate product is installed on the customer's system first and configured in accordance with the existing system landscape ("linked" with SharePoint). Then, in a discrete project step, the templates are developed in accordance with the respective maintenance/CI-/CD style guide requirements. After finalising, testing and approving the templates and after user-training, the editors can begin to compile and edit content via Typegate.

What happens to Typegate when you change a CMS?

Provided the installed version of Typegate is also compatible with the new content management system all that is needed is a background replacement of the old CMS with the new. It is generally found that existing content migrates fully automatically via XML. Advantage: There are no changes for the editors who simply continue to use the same Typegate maintenance interface.

Can you grab database content with Typegate?

With Typegate you can create and maintain form-based input interfaces for visualisation in your browser. You can use these to structure your data compilation and archiving, e.g. in SharePoint lists. Data and content entered according to this kind of structure and ideally saved in XML format can be used very flexibly. For instance, it is possible to output selected web page content as a print brochure (Web2Print).

What are the system requirements for Typegate?

Typegate is used via your web browser. Use of the maintenance interface requires Internet Explorer version 8.0 or above. You need no additional software. Nor do you need any special hardware components.

What does Typegate cost?

Typegate is not a rigid "off the peg" product. It is agile and flexible and can be adapted to your specific requirements. We can tailor the components delivered (special CMS elements), as well as your technical environment (e.g. linking with SharePoint, as a stand-alone-solution, etc.) . For more information about Typegate licensing costs, please call Mr Werner Jung, Tel. +49 (0)89 990148 199.

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